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Facebook Accepter for Friendships 1.0

Facebook Accepter for Friendships will let you add friends to Facebook easily
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Facebook Accepter for Friendships is a program that will let you add friends to Facebook easily.
It can accept all your friendship requests with just one click. This way, if you have always a huge amount of friendship requests, you will not need to worry. The program will accept all of them, and you will not have to check them one by one. You can also tell the program to hide all your pending requests, if you don´t want to add more people to your list.

Facebook Accepter for Friendships is also able to send friendship requests to people that have something in common with you. You can give the number of requests that you want to send, and set the filters that you want to use. You can send request to people that are friends of friends, or have a given detail in their details that interests you, like the hometown, city, high school, college or anything else.

When running, the program will divide the screen in two. On the left end, it will display the program´s controls, and in the right panel it will show your Facebook site. You can logout from your current account and login with another one.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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